Parenting magazines, conscious living magazines and parenting coaches reviewed our book. Here’s what they said.

‘Just received this beautiful book and read it to my 7-year old daughter who loved it!’ – Sandra Fazio, Conscious Parenting Coach


‘Parce que nous sommes tous pareils (…) Tous les enfants ont besoin de messages inspirants pour les aider à devenir des adultes aimants et tolérants. En voici quelques-uns, et non les moindres!’Moi Parent Magazine, Québec, CanadaBP

Featured in Bob Proctor’s Insight of the Day – Friday Story, January 2020


‘A useful tool for parents, carers and teachers – and fun for children!’ – Moment is now, Mindful reading for Christmas and New Year, Nov. 2018


Featured in Energy Magazine‘s ‘Good for the Mind’ section, May/June 2018 issue.


Featured in Light of Consciousness’ ‘Reviews’ section, Autumn 2018 issue. ‘The Dalai Lama’s wise quotes along with colorful drawings create a heart-opening book for “children of all ages.”’

‘Each word in this book is purposely chosen with the Dalai Lama’s message about love, compassion, and living our lives from a place of no judgment. When the Dalai Lama communicates, it comes from a place of love, that’s what makes this simplistic book so profound. You can’t help but feel it when you read it. If you are wanting a tool to help teach your children how to grow up into kind, tolerant and loving adults, this is the perfect children’s book to add to your conscious parenting book collection.’  – Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence, Intentional Conscious Parenting


‘This new book of the Dalai Lama teaches us all a lesson.’ – Diane Small, Eluxe Magazine


Featured in Evolving Magazine’s ‘Books’ section, June 2018 issue.

‘Quelle belle initiative. Un livre intéressant pour nos enfants!’ – Sandro Costa Sanseverino, Psychologue, Psychothérapeute, Formateur, Parents conscients

TheEdge.jpgFeatured in The Edge: Holistic Journal ‘For Children’ section, summer 2018 issue.

‘We received the book and we think it’s really lovely.’ – Action for Happiness


Featured in the Middle Way Education recommended kids reading list.


Featured in High Peaks Pure Earth’s recommended summer 2018 reading list.